Sessions and Workshops

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Interactive Learning Options

The ‘Take Me To The River’ Education Initiative offers a variety of education and comunity focused programs that bring history to life! We offer a variety of programming that can be custom tailored to school and community needs, including:

  • Screenings of the film ‘Take Me To The River’ in 22, 45 or full length 90-minute options.
  • Q&A Sessions with the filmmaker, Martin Shore, and a variety of musicians associated with the project including STAX soul legend William Bell, Oscar-winning rapper Frayser Boy and more.
  • Civics-focused discussions about race, generation and gender, reviewing how those topics are covered in the film and applying these issues to current events.
  • Panels and workshops – There are several participatory workshops and panels that we can create around the program. Some of these might include:
    • A moderated 60-minute panel of the filmmakers and
      artists involved in the film, focusing on the history of Memphis and Mississippi Delta music, the challenges in creating music during that time, topics like interracial and intergenerational collaboration, how the music and times in the film relate to today and much more. And also the affect of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., and how it changed the musical, political and social landscapes.
    • A 60-minute musical workshop with some of the artists as they share insight into the significant songs of the times and what inspired them, plus a writing and performance focus with students and the community.
    • A live 60-minute interview with Martin Shore from the filmmaker’s perspective. A more in depth look on what it took to make the film, somebehind the scenes stories, and what aspiring filmmakers should know.
  • Mentoring sessions and master classes – Intensive sessions with students as they work with master musicians, giving them advice about performance, songwriting, the business of music and more.
  • Teacher training sessions – We have found it beneficial to work with a group of area teachers, going through the curriculum and enabling them to get hands on with the materials. We can leave behind DVDs and materials that teachers can use on an ongoing basis as part of their permanent curriculum.
Frayser Boy writes a rap with students14680964_1397423056964984_6144174939226204643_oCOMPRESSED Take me to the River GRAMMY-66

Education Presentations (2016-2017)

  1. Three Grammy Museums (Multiple times)
  2. Mississippi Museum
  3. Stax Museum
  4. Blues Museum – St. Louis
  5. Houston Museum of Modern Art
  6. NAMM Museum
  7. Apollo Theater
  8. Crabtree Foundation – East Bay Performing Arts Center
  9. Compton HS
  10. A Place Called Home, Los Angeles
  11. Proctor & Gamble
  12. San Marcos School District
  13. Berklee City Music Summit (2014, 2015, 2016)
  14. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
  15. The Bob Stop, Cleveland, OH
  16. Philadelphia School System
  17. Clef Club, Philadelphia
  18. Haiti
  19. Ali Foundation
  20. Fort Hayes/Paragon Project
  21. Nevis
  22. Amsterdam – Polish Film Festival
  23. Notes for Notes (3 sites)
  24. NYC Public Schools
  25. Luezingher Olympians (Hawthorne, CA)
  26. Berklee College of Music’s Berklee International Network Summit, Valencia, Spain
  27.  The Battery Club, San Francisco, CA
  28. Xavier University