Pre-Viewing Discussion

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Activities for class discussion before viewing the film

Spend time to set the stage and prepare the class before viewing. You may want to begin by determining how much students already know about the film and its subject matter. We suggest you initiate discussion about some of the general themes and personal experiences your students have had with them.

The following discussion starters may be adapted for different grade levels or learning styles:

  • Survey the class and find out who in the room listens to hip-hop? R&B? What are considered to be some of the typical elements of those styles of music?
  • Initiate a discussion about the concept of intergenerational collaboration. What does this mean? Have you experienced it personally? Can you think of other instances where this type of collaboration would be beneficial?

View the trailer:

  • Where do you think the title of the film comes from? How does it relate to the material in the film?
  • Was there a stand out moment for you as you watched the trailer? What do you think the film is about based on this?

Have the students read the synopsis here.

  • Highlight words that grab your attention.
  • Find examples of persuasive language used to promote interest in the film.
  • Have you heard of any of the people mentioned in the synopsis? What do you know about them? What do you think their role will be in the film?
  • The synopsis refers to “the inter-generational, inter-racial, inter-gender musical influence of Memphis in the face of pervasive discrimination and segregation.” What does this mean? What in history happened in Memphis that this might relating to?

Read the filmmaker Martin Shore’s bio here.