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Take Me To The River Education Initiative Living History Presentations

Exposure is a simple yet underrated step in connection and inspiration. In bringing the TMTTREI Living History presentations to communities, performance venues, educational institutions and other organizations, we aim to inspire collaboration, communication, creativity and community by delivering:

  1. Intellectual stimulation & social bonding: The audience partakes in a journey that encourages deep thought and engagement with the immediate shared community.
  2. Reflective and connective resonance: Engaging in self reflection, how we connect, align and share through collaboration.
  3. Calibration: Adjusting our frequency to aim for communal accuracy.

“There was so much [music] I heard and never knew where it came from.  It felt like they were playing from their soul and that’s the kind of musician I want to be.”
– C. Blount, Student

“We use the Take Me To The River lesson plan on Berklee PULSE.  My students  are gaining more knowledge through being involved in the use of technology and are more willing to apply it.”
– J. Pacheco, Instructor, Los Angeles