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Welcome to Take Me To The River, a project that celebrates the intergenerational and cross-cultural musical influence of Memphis in the face of pervasive discrimination and segregation.

We offer a diverse menu of tools to help you navigate, explore, encourage critical thinking and engage in rich conversation.  

The resources are suited for non-musicians and aspiring musicians alike.  

Click on the links for an expanded description.

Educational Toolkit:

Our educational toolkit provides you with resources, ideas and plans to seamlessly integrate lesson plans and activities into your curriculum. We are aligned with national standards and offer professional development to schools for instructors to ensure you are reaching success. Click on the links below for corresponding resources:

We hope you will find the film and learning resources to be useful teaching tools for raising awareness with your students about:

  • The significance of intergenerational and cross-cultural collaboration.
  • The historical context of the Memphis music scene in its heyday and today.
  • The musical elements and backbone of the Memphis sound.
  • The ways in which individuals make an impact on music, culture and history.

This graphic represents all the NYC area schools teaching the Take Me To The River Education Initiative.